In case of pregnancy and childbirth, how to get medical care?

Maternal health appointments are free and they monitor the pregnancy and labour preparation. All you have to do is look for your Health Centre. There women will be followed by regular clinical and laboratory exams and will receive information on subjects sucha as healthy nutrition and breastfeeding. All appointments and medical tests made through pregnancy and within the sixty days following birth are free as well as hospital birth and/or any hospitalisation due to pregnancy in a NHS Hospital or Maternity.

What do I need to do to ensure delivery at an NHS hospital?

If the pregnancy is monitored in the Health Centre, pre-natal appointments will be scheduled for you at the Hospital or Maternity in your residential area where you should go as soon as you experience the first signs of labour.

What is the Healthy Pregnancy Book?

Provided at the Health Centre or Hospital/Maternity freely, it is a little green book, which contains useful information for the pregnancy monitoring, where all the appointments and exams made throughout the pregnancy are registered. It is importabt to present the book in each appointment at the Health Centre, Hospital or Maternity and also in delivery.

To learn more visit the Guide to pregnancy and following Giving Birth in Portugal, developed by Casa do Brasil de Lisboa in partnership with GAT (Group of Activists in Treatment), within the scope of the project Informa em Ação.

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