It is a a document that allows the user to be identified in SNS institutions and services. All foreigners who have a residence permit can obtain the number at the nearest health center.

There you can also find out about the types of services, referral hospitals and auxiliary means of diagnosis available. The user number must be presented whenever you need assistance at any health facility.

How does the health center work?

The health center is the basic unit of the SNS, which provides a first consultation to citizens. It usually operates every working day, from 8 am to 8 pm, and offers, in addition to medical specialties, a wide range of services, such as psychologists, nutritionists, social service technicians, oral hygienists and vaccines.

What are health surveillance appointments?

More vulnerable groups, such as children, young people, pregnant women, the elderly and people with chronic diseases, need special attention and must carry out scheduled and periodic consultations to monitor health under the supervision of the family doctor.

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