In a world in constant transformation it’s fundamental to update skills and develop new knowledge. The Professional Training Centers for Participated Management in Lisbon were created based on a partnership between the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP) and civil society. They offer training opportunities with a sectoral bias, that is, focused on specific areas of the economy. Get to know each one better in the list below:

Capacity building and training

It is worth mentioning the actions taken with civil society, which are increasingly marked by the lack of information and myths that need to be broken.

The exercise of rights and compliance with obligations is only possible through effective concerted intervention and with integrated, multi-sector and multidisciplinary solutions. Civil society as an individual, as business and with greater strength through the associative and cooperative movement, has played a leading role with ideas and influence next to government entities.

The success we have been achieving comes from articulated, networked and collaborative work in various territories where public entities and civil society are organized to respond to the pressing needs of these populations.

There is still a long way to go, however, I commend the effort and dedication and work of all who want a more just, equitable and supportive society aware of the challenges humanity faces.

More Training and Capacity Building. Best Exercise of Rights and Duties. Better Job. Better living conditions.


Text written by Alexandre Nuno Teixeira, Degree in Law, Human Rights Activist: Currently holds the position of Head of the Qualification Unit at the Inovinter Training and Technological Innovation Center involved in various projects related to the Training and Professional Training of people in situations of refuge and migrants. Center that prides itself on implementing a Training Policy for Migrant Audiences. Ambassador of the Refúgio Forum, a platform that brings together associations, civil society, academics who, in addition to activism for human rights, gather, think and mobilize society for their problems and solutions. Pointing the way and presenting solutions. 
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