Everything we can face can’t even be.  But nothing can be planned not to be.
The greatest expression of racial prejudice consists precisely in the denial of this prejudice.
  “Portugal is not a racist country, but there is racism in Portugal” According to the European Social Survey) more than 62% of Portuguese people express racist beliefs.  Only 11% of the Portuguese do not show any tendency, racist …
In Portugal, racial prejudice is assumed in the most varied forms and is evident in the most banal situations of the day.
Prejudice leaves marks on victims, both physical and psychological.
The invisibility in society and in the prominent charge reflects racism well…
Discrimination is hierarchical – some are further down the chain than others.
The racial, racial discrimination experienced between Roma communities and Nepalese, Pakistani East Europe, Chinese or Chinese is not African.
Especially as ethnic-racial discussions tend to fall a huge man of silence social.  “In the end, what is not said does not exist”.
Even so, not everything is pain, the growth of a new   they are not as much of a concern for challenging issues, more challenging for educational issues, and more challenging in all ways.
It may be illusory to think  that education is the answer to the eradication of racial prejudice.
It is important to believe in education However and in schooling, but there is no evidence that this is a solution to the problems of racism and xenophobia.
Dropping the wall of reception, fear and hostility, that those who are possibly not equal should not be frequent in my spaces, and the same stimuli continued, for social growth, it could be the or the closing of an era that, Portuguese worried about a racist country with Portugal, only many will say racism in Portugal 

Text written by Indira Fernando, lawyer, doctoral student in human rights, feminist/minority activist. Lives in Portugal for 6 years.
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