• To find a job in the labor market, it is necessary, first of all, to know in depth their own skills and interests, the opportunities offered and the main requirements of employers. It is known that professional relocation is one of the biggest challenges for those who arrive in a new country.The first step is the development of the curriculum. There are no fixed rules as to the correct format to be used, but it must be sincere, well organized, have the candidate’s strengths highlighted, have a good presentation and not contain spelling errors. There are different examples that can be adapted.Some of the most common models are the Chronological Curriculum (which organizes the work experience by dates), the Functional Curriculum (which organizes the work experience by blocks of activities or similar functions) or the Europass CV.Alguns dos modelos mais comuns são o Currículo Cronológico (que organiza a experiência de trabalho por datas), o Currículo Funcional (que organiza a experiência de trabalho por blocos de atividades ou de funções semelhantes) ou o CV Europass.

    Below is a list of sites that can help you find a job. We warn that Casa do Brasil in Lisbon has no connection with job search sites and companies. This mention is not for advertising purposes, but merely informative and, therefore, we are not responsible for the services provided by those companies:

    Net Empregos

    Carga de Trabalhos

    Sapo Emprego


    Alerta Emprego


    Emprego XL

    It Jobs


    Emprego Saúde

    BEP – Bolsa de Emprego Público

    Below, more information about the assistance provided by the Professional Insertion Offices (GIP) and tips for those who want to start their own business.

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