False leases are an increasingly common reality in Portugal. On the internet, ads appear by the hundreds. We always recommend paying attention to the ads and looking for sites already known to the general public. If your intention is to get a house safely, in this section we leave some tips for buying or renting a property.

 Beware of ads with prices below market prices

Listing of properties with great appearance and appealing values, very different from those practised by the market, need to be checked carefully. It is best to compare it with other real estate locations and similar features to confirm that the ad found is within reality.

 Always visit before closing the deal

Ask to visit the house and think twice if you notice resistance. It is common for malicious people to claim that they do not live in Portugal and that, therefore, the negotiation should be done at a distance. These people often ask for advance payments in cash or via bank transfers. However, this practice is not a usual procedure.

 Do not send or deliver money without obtaining guarantees

 We suggest that you do not make payments without checking the property and confirm the details of the advertiser, especially if you have not signed the contract or if you do not know personally who made the proposal or the lease or sale announcement. When making a payment, confirm that the advertiser’s name matches the bank account holder for the transfer and avoid fast payment platforms.

Investigate ad credibility

Some sites offer the possibility of knowing how long a person has been renting or selling real estate. In addition, they allow comments from users. Be alert if you are a very recent user and / or have a lot of complaints in the comments. Check Google or social media for contacts (name, phone and email) and keep all records, if there are conversations held to negotiate the property.

Use trusted sites and companies 

It is very important to look for houses or rooms in trusted real estate and digital platforms. However, there are scams in which replicas of real pages are created, such as Airbnb, with identical layout and advertising. So, prefer to type in the website address manually, instead of clicking on links sent by third parties.

Messages in another language, in which the owner says he is abroad can be an alert.

Burlas no arrendamento de casas estão cada vez mais sofisticadas.
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