The National Support Centers for the Integration of Migrants (CNAIM) were created in 2004 in response to the difficulties encountered by foreigners during the process of adapting to the community in Portugal. It is an initiative of the High Commissioner for Migration (ACM) with the objective of bringing together, in the same space, different services, institutions and support offices. Check it out below:

Contact: 21 810 61 17

Adress: Rua Álvaro Coutinho, 14, 1150-025, Lisboa.



Schedule: Segunda a Sexta, de 8h às 17h.

Transportation: Anjos ou Intendente Metro Station (Green Line) and 712, 730,

726, 708 buses.

Institutions (em tradução a Instituições que estão no CNAIM)

ACT – Working Conditions Authority


Provides information about employment relationship with foreign worker.

Central Registry Office (CRC)

Receives nationality requests that can be made under Law No. 37/81, amended and republished by Organic Law No. 2/2006.

Ministry of Education (ME)


It provides different orientations, in addition to offering Portuguese language courses and scholarships, and promoting the insertion of students in primary and secondary schools. It also helps in resolving pending situations, through mediation with educational establishments.

Ministry of Health (MS)


It actively contributes to facilitate the access of migrant citizens and their families to health care, both those who are in a regular situation in the country and those who are still in an irregular situation.

Immigration and Borders Service (SEF)


The SEF department at CNAIM in Lisbon deals with the renewal of temporary and permanent residence permits, the granting of permanent residence permits and the reunification of family members in the national territory, among other services.

The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has a website that provides all the legislation on immigration and asylum. In addition, it is possible to consult the requirements and conditions for entry into Portugal, schedules to acess SEF and the rights and duties of the holder of a residence permit and visas.

Social Security (SS)


Social Security addresses issues such as contributory status, unemployment claims, legal protection requirements, issuing remuneration statements, changing data and requesting a salary guarantee fund, among others.

Espaço do Cidadão

The Espaço Cidadão works as a one-stop shop where you can resolve, through the internet, various issues related to Public Administration. This is an assisted digital service. Schedules for Social Security, consultation with Social Security Direct, request for criminal registration and change of address on the citizen’s card are some of the services provided.

Offices (em tradução a Gabinetes no CNAIM)

Reception and Screening Office (GAT)

Provides general information, makes a diagnosis of the situation presented by the immigrant and performs the screening of documents.

Support Office for Professional Insertion, Higher Education and Qualification (GAIPESQ)

Specialized service that aims to contribute to facilitate access to education, qualification and the labor market.

Support Office for Migrant Entrepreneurs (GAEM)

It is aimed at any migrant who has a business idea and who requests support for its structuring, implementation or management, regardless of the complexity or value of the financial investment.

Legal Support Office (GAJ)

In addition to providing information and providing advice, referral and mediation, it supports migrant people in defending their rights and training to know their duties.

Social Affairs and Inclusion Office (GASI)

It provides support to immigrant citizens who, for different reasons, find themselves in a more vulnerable socio-economic situation, seeking to provide an adequate response, based on the situation presented. In the scope of Support Services, Pre-screening establishes a first contact with the migrant citizen, makes a brief screening of the situation and distributes passwords to those who go to the Center. Espaço Criança, under the supervision of a collaborator, aims to provide playful and entertaining moments for the children of the people who are being served.


Telephone Assistance and Translation

Telephone Translation Service (STT)

The High Commissioner for Migration (ACM) created the Telephone Translation Service (STT) to help overcome the language barrier, one of the great difficulties experienced by immigrants in their relationship with services in Portugal. This service puts the technician of the providing company or institution, a translator and the immigrant on a conference call.

It is available, free of charge to entities and other users, on all working days, between 9 am and 7 pm, through the Migrant Support Line (808 257 257 for the fixed network and 218 106 191 for the mobile network). The Line also makes it possible to clarify doubts about the rights and duties of immigrants, with advice on work, housing, health, education and other topics.

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