“Migrating is a right. Nationality should not be a factor of discrimination. All immigrant people must have equal opportunities and fully exercise their citizenship. ”

Casa do Brasil de Lisboa (CBL) is a non-profit immigrant association, founded in January 1992 by Brazilians residents in Portugal and Portuguese friends of Brazil, and it is open to all nationalities. Since its foundation, CBL has been actively working on the thought and implementation of public policies, assuming a fundamental role of activism and demanding equal policies for immigrant communities in Portugal. The projects aim to promote equal access to rights and services for immigrant people. In addition to the work of social intervention and activism, there is a valorization of multiculturalism, interculturality and integration through culture.

Contact: 213 400 000

Adress: Rua Luz Soriano, 42, Bairro Alto, 1200-248, Lisboa.




“Immigration is about having courage and believing in your potential to bet on a journey towards

a new future. “

ALCC is a non-profit association, based in Lisbon, which aims to minimize the difficulties of the immigrant population, offering, in its facilities, a set of free services, both on an individual and family level. The services provided are: employment support and training through the GIP – Labour Insertion Office; support for the integration of migrants through CLAIM – Local Support Center for the Integration of Migrants; social and food support, as well as clothing, footwear, furniture, bed linen and kitchen accessories.

Contact: 218 031 921 / 968 800 346

Adress: Rua Varela Silva, lote 13, loja B, 1750-403, Santa Clara, Lisboa.

Site: www.lusoculturas.orgE-mail:


It provides humanitarian, psychosocial, cultural, recreational and intercultural mediation support to citizens evacuated from the Republic of Cape Verde who are in Portugal for medical treatment. It also provides guidance and referrals to various services and entities in order to provide the most appropriate responses to the situations at hand.

Contacts: 960 484 137

Adress: Rua da Silva, 1, Loja 1, 1200-446, Lisboa.



The Cidade de Lisboa Foundation is an institution of private law and of public benefit, constituted on January 10, 1989 by Nuno Krus Abecasis, having as Honorary President His Excellency the President of the Republic.

The Foundation is under the patronage law and has the status of NGDO (Non-Governmental Development Organization) – awarded by Camões Public Institute. It also accumulates the status of a training entity certified by the General Directorate for Employment and Labor Relations (DGERT).

Since its creation, the Cidade de Lisboa Foundation has taken as its guideline the promotion of the Portuguese language and culture, the valorization of Lusophone cultural diversity, the reinforcement of social cohesion and the training and qualification of people, aimed at promoting a sustainable development model. To this end the Foundation has been developing a set of activities that allow it to optimize the achievement of its objectives in the following areas of intervention:

– Cooperation for Development;

– Education for development;

– Culture;

– Training and Education.

These activities are mainly carried out in Portugal, India and the PALOP countries.

Contact: 21 756 8241

Adress: Campo Grande, n.º 380, 1700-097 Lisboa



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The Renovar a Mouraria Association (ARM) was created in 2008 and it is currently an NGDO that aims to respond to the needs of a complex and constantly changing territory. Considering the wealth and human potential of the Mouraria territory, a careful study was carried out with the inhabitants and a collection of data essential to the real understanding of the dimension of their problems (social, housing, family, educational and economic).

The association offers several permanent and free services, such as the Citizenship Office, which seeks to provide articulate responses, such as:

– legal support (in-person or home legal assistance) and the promotion of clarification sessions on Rights and Citizenship;

– adult literacy, a vital tool for the full exercise of citizenship, and Portuguese courses for immigrants;

– school support in the various curricular subjects, from the 1st CEB to the Secondary level.

In addition to specific support for curricular subjects, several areas of non-formal education are worked on. Activities aimed at families are also reinforced, promoting both the participation of parents in school life and an interest in their children’s learning.

Contact: 21 888 5203

Adress: Beco do Rosendo nº 8 e 10, 1100-460 Lisboa

Mobile: 922 191 892



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CEPAC – Padre Alves Correia Center, is a private institution of social solidarity, based in Lisbon since 1992, whose purpose is to provide support to the most disadvantaged in society, in particular, immigrants, refugees, homeless people and other people or families at risk exclusion from society.

The social support provided by CEPAC aims to welcome and integrate the immigrant population into society. For this purpose, once the beneficiary’s primary needs diagnosis has been carried out, it is integrated into training and integration actions in the work context, aiming at reintegration into regularized and contributory life cycles. CEPAC also provides its users with medical assistance, legal assistance, psychology, psychiatry, professional training, Portuguese classes, sewing workshop and internships in the workplace. All services provided by CEPAC, with the exception of social assistance, are carried out on a voluntary basis, with the invaluable participation of about 50 people. Currently it helps around 400 households and it is these 400 reasons that move them.

Contact: 213 973 030

Adress: Rua de Santo Amaro à Estrela, 43, 1200-80, Lisboa.

Site: www.cepac.p t



Immigration is…. an opportunity for those who welcome and for those who are welcomed! (JRS).

The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international organization of the Catholic Church, founded in 1980, under the responsibility of the Society of Jesus. JRS’s mission is to “Accompany, Serve and Defend” refugees, forced displaced persons and all migrants in a situation of particular vulnerability, and is currently present in around 50 countries worldwide. The Service monitors the entire process of the person and all dimensions of integration, from the first day of arrival, until the regularization of his situation and the accomplishement of the desired stability and autonomy.

Services: social support, psychological support, medical and medication support, legal support, referral and support for professional integration, accommodation of homeless immigrants in a situation of particular social vulnerability (Pedro Arrupe Centre), accompaniment to detained immigrants (Santo António Housing Unit) , Portuguese language courses and training actions, among others.

Contact: 217 552 790

Adress: Rua Rogério de Moura, Lote 59, 1750-342 Lisboa

Mobile: 937 541 620 (não recebe sms)

Special Line for employers (evening time): 217552798



“Immigration is a movement for the entry of cultures from different parts of the world, enabling the enrichment of a given territory through cultural diversity, sharing and cultural proximity.” (Batoto Yetu Association)

Batoto Yetu Portugal Cultural and Youth Association (BYP) is a non-profit organization that represents immigrants and their descendants and works with young people and children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. It seeks, through African culture, inclusion through art and the appreciation of African roots, to consolidate self-esteem, the feeling of belonging of young people and children and their social integration.

Contacts: 214 460 729 / 210 145 023

Adress: Rua António Gedeão, Lote B3, 1950-151, Lisboa.




Solidariedade Imigrante is an association for the defense of the rights of immigrants in Portugal, of national scope and non-profit, created in 2001. It aims to give the floor to immigrants, so they can have an autonomous and independent word and be the real protagonists in the defense of their interests. Everyone should be able to exercise their rights, regardless of country of origin, religion, ethnicity and sex, through the fight for equal rights. Solim belongs to several networks of national and international associations.

Contacts: 218 870 713

Adress:  Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 4 – 1ºAndar 1100-070




“Immigration is…. the bridge for the development of the citizen and, therefore, is the way to the awareness of humanity without complexity ”(CulturFACE).

The Cultural Association for Development CulturFACE is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, made up of a group of friends and professionals linked to cultural, artistic and social initiatives, who came together with the mission of projecting the assets of the Portuguese-speaking world less visible in Portugal.

CulturFACE offers its beneficiaries the following services:

– intercultural dynamics that contribute to the integration of citizens in the host country;

– internships in the field of intercultural communication;

– education for citizenship, through workshops and gatherings;

– signaling and referral of citizens, according to the problems for which they request support;

– psychological support;

– support for citizens / people with difficulty accessing the platforms of the main public institutions (Social Security, Finance, among others);

– support for communicational resources;

– Inclusive communication;

– support for parents, within the scope of actions for handling various devices and security, through technological resources digital proliteracy;

– creation,  production and edition of promotional content;

– thematic awareness campaigns;

– Crioulos Laboratory, a sharing space to encourage the appreciation of coexistence and intergenerational integration, through national languages and their relationship with the Portuguese language;

– support for reprographic actions (photocopies / digitalization) in reduced quantities, in accordance with current law.

Contact: 920 024 789 / 211 540 066

Adress: Rua Raul de Carvalho, Lotes 5 e 6, Lojas 1 e 2, Ameixoeira, 1750-397, Lisboa.



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