The Commission for Equality and Against Racial Discrimination (CICDR) is, in Portugal, the body specialized in combating racial discrimination (see more in the section on Racial Discrimination) (Link redirecting to section). Any attitude of segregation due to belonging to a certain ethnic origin, color, nationality, ancestry or territory of origin can be denounced. There are different ways to make a complaint:

  • Fill in the form available online ;
  • Send participation by mail, addressed to CICDR, to Rua Álvaro Coutinho, nº 14-16, 1250-025, Lisbon;
  • Send a written statement of the facts considered discriminatory to the email address;
  • Make the complaint personally, at the entity mentioned above, and present a written statement of the case.
  • If an administrative offense procedure is opened, it will be followed by an investigation, culminating in the respective decision (filing or conviction). Sentencing decisions are published on the page available here (
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